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In autumn 1989 the wall dividing Germany into East and West came down, one political incident impacting the next and a new era began. It was a time of great hope, desire and fear. Beneath the world political historiography, countless stories can be told of the people involved and their personal concerns at the time. A lot of these private stories, conserved in snap-shots, are assembled in EAST — For the Record.
Numerous photographers, asked to look back, have contributed their iconographic pictures of that period. The images assembled in this book were taken between September and December 1989, each dated and with short annotations. This book is a panopticon of personal experiences, and gives a sense of the spirit of the times. It is arguably even more insightful and informative than official annals of the period.

With contributions from Sibylle Bergemann, Arno Fischer, Wolfgang Kil, Barbara Klemm, Dieter Leistner, Helga Paris, Timm Rautert, Michael Ruetz, Michael Rutschky, Hans-Christian Schink, Regina Schmeken, Erasmus Schröter, Klaus Staeck, Helfried Strauß, Wim Wenders, Ulrich Wüst, Renate Zeun amongst others.