Erasmus Schröter Prag . One last song

Prag . One last song

In autumn 1989 I had already been living in West Germany for four years. My own private wall came down in 1985, with the move from Leipzig to Hamburg. However, the images and myths that I had grown up with in the GDR continued to play a role in my photographic work. I want-ed to use the propaganda style of post-war black and white photography to create a picture series with the extravagant clothes of the Leipzig fashion designer Gaby Frauendorf. What I needed now was a Soviet soldier and a T - 34 tank. I found the Soviet hero in the form of my friend, the Berlin actor Andreas Leupold. A Soviet T-34 tank, however, was not to be found in Hamburg. After a long search we found one in socialist Prague. At the edge of the city stood a rusty model of the legendary vehicle on a large meadow, ready to be used in war films. A good friend of mine worked for the Czech film production. With his help we had the grey monster all to ourselves for one day.

And thus the picture “One last song” was created, a photographic farewell to an era that was slowly going under.