Bernd Borchardt Burg Goldbeck . Anna, Rea with Milti and Jakob

Burg Goldbeck . Anna, Rea with Milti and Jakob

The photo was taken at Burg Goldbeck, a medieval castle restored by artists, I was working on photos here for the sculptor Trakia Wendisch. Our families came along for a pleasant weekend. In the evening the children were feral and in need of a bath and the big medieval tub was brought to bear in the steaming laundry. After all of the children had climbed down the ladder of the “bath” this photo was taken with the LOMO camera of our daughter, who was seven at the time. This picture still hangs in our house to this day, twenty years later, as it offers an impression of what childhood can be, unencumbered and curiously detached from everyday life.