Thomas Wiegand Huelfensberg in the Eichsfeld

Huelfensberg in the Eichsfeld

With my school friend Andrea every year on Christmas Day I take a short walk starting from Eschwege. In 1989 we wanted to visit the pilgrimage church on the Huelfensberg at the Western outskirt of the Eichsfeld. One can see the mountain from Werratal but so far it had been unreachable. At Döringsdorf (Thuringia) the border fence was open. We had to show our travellers’ passes and yet were on the other side. A short walk and we stood in front of the famous church on the Hülfensberg. The banner at the town exit of Döringsdorf welcomed us and all other guests. Because of the construction of a new street to Bebendorf, the site from where the photo was taken no longer exists today.